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To get data you need to select an API and usage plan. Please enter payment details, if you are using a credit card to pay.

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Atmospheric model data - Trial / Free plan (1.1)(1 API included)

60 GB, 30 day trial or 1 GB free per month

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Get 60 GB of data over a 30 day trial period. That's enough data for three global parameters or the entire UK dataset. Met Office approval required (please allow 2-3 days for activation from request).

Consumer (Free)

Get 1 GB of data every month for free. Ideal for personal consumer use. Immediate access.

Note - both plans are subject to a capped to a number of data requests per day.

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Atmospheric model data - Business Plus plan (1.1)(1 API included)

Unlimited monthly usage pay by invoice.

Pay for what you use - minimum 150 GB per month

Activation subject to credit check and Met Office approval. Please allow seven days from request to approval.


33.3'p per GB


40p per GB (33.3'p plus VAT @20%)

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Atmospheric model data - Premium plan (1.1)(1 API included)

Assisted onboarding and consultancy. Unlimited monthly usage, pay by invoice

Allow us to configure the service you want. Assisted onboarding, consultancy and other value added services to suit your requirements.

Unlimited data and tailored pricing. Contact us to find out more.