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Is this service working?

I am trying to make calls to this service using sending the accept header and the two x-ibm-client headers.

I just get {

"httpCode": "401",
"httpMessage": "Unauthorized",
"moreInformation": "Invalid client id or secret."
I have verified that my client secret is correct in the App section.
What am I doing wrong?

Is this service working Possible Answer?

Hi "93ddb7e7-a253-4ca6-963c-c3906bc52fd2" (catchy name btw) or anyone else that runs into this prob.

I had this problem. A step that isn't mentioned is that you need to subscribe to the apis. This is under each of your "apps". Once i subscribed (there is only one subscription for all 3 apis) i didnt get the 401 error anymore :)


I just get {

"httpCode": "401",
"httpMessage": "Unauthorized",
"moreInformation": "Invalid client id or secret."

This Does Not Work!.

None of these examples work!, I'v tried each language example and after making and account ended up here then needed to make a new MetOffice account to subscribe to the api and nothing works. Before you ask yes i have made a new app and the credentials and all i get is:

No response. This is a cross-origin call. Make sure the server accepts requests from this portal. Or if using self-signed SSL certificates then paste the URL above into your browser to accept the certificate before trying again (On Internet Explorer it must be the same browser tab.).

Also trying to make a HttpRequest in Java and Js or in script tags of a html file just fails i get the 401 code which is not even mentioned on this page and that i have incorrect credentials.

Chromes DevTools give me a cross origin error when loading a html file, So basically i cannot use MetOffice data at all.

There need's to be more language examples and a more clear process to use the api, A one line url request is sufficient enough so that it can be more easly used in other languages that use different HttpRequest processes.

And what's with the mac address style name?, Is it a hash of my email?, Why can't i choose my own name as i have an account?. 


What a mess

After countless hours of messing around it finally worked BUT...

1, Only the examples on this page work and actually give a response

2, It still doesn't work as a simple HttpRequest

3, It wont work as an unhosted html file (i have to actually have a hosted web page come on)

4, The process is very unclear how and of what to do

5, I'm still getting cross origin errors everywhere

6, The Request URL cannot be put into 1 line that includes the credential info

7, I have used several weather api's and this rates right at the BOTTOM!

Personally i'd like to see the api page's fancy fetures removed as ther just not needed and just have the api documentation done properly and displayed in an easy to read manner, The secret and id for the registered app is too much and should be replaced by one or the other.

Optional parameters should be available for example, the ablility to choose just the temp, wind direction, wind speed and current conditions.